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It's that time a year when everyone is reflecting on their 2013 new year resolutions. Only seventeen days deep, some of you have broken those resolutions - but that's okay because here at Green Lawn Fertilizing we've put together a Mid-Atlantic top 5 Lawn Care Resolution list for you to make up for it!

Early in the morning is the best time to water as the turf is cooler and the cooler temperatures keep evaporation to a minimum.

While our trained technicians consistently check for weeds on your property, it is important to remember a few key factors about weeds in order to understand your lawn.

The larger the plant, the deeper its roots can go for water during hot months. Turf grass requires more water than trees, shrubs and other plants because its roots are shallower than these larger plants.

Watering Your Lawn

Watering Your Lawn

How much water does my lawn need, and when are the best watering times? How do I deal with natural rainfall?