Green Lawn Fertilizing – aeration and seeding

Why Overseed?

Why Overseed?

Overseeding is when grass seeds are placed on top of the grass instead of digging and planting the seeds that way. If your lawn is not in the best shape, overseeding can be a way to salvage your lawn and breathe new life into it.

When you aerate your lawn, you are making small holes in the soil that will allow air, water, and other necessary nutrients get to the roots of your grass. In doing so, you will create a healthier lawn that should grow very well.

If you’ve ever really looked closely at your lawn, you’ve probably noticed that it looks a little strange in places. Maybe some areas are sparser than others, some yellower or browner than others and some where you’re not even sure the ground cover is grass. Learn about the causes behind and solutions to various types of previously inexplicable lawn weirdness below.

Aeration is a form of lawn maintenance that keeps your lawn healthy and cuts down on weeds. Learn what aeration entails, the reasons why aeration is healthy for your lawn, how often aeration should be performed, and the factors involved in determining what time of year is the best time to give your soil a breath of fresh air.

Weeds tend to appear out of nowhere. Just when you think you have gotten them all, a new one pops up in some secluded corner of your lawn and spreads its seeds all over once again. If you have encountered this problem and spent hours pulling up endless weeds only to find them returning to your lawn, you may be wondering if there is any way you can prevent weeds from growing in the first place. While the odd weed may still crop up, there are measures you can take to minimize weed invasions on your lawn.

As with most young things, young grass needs special care and attention. If you have recently seeded your lawn and want to learn how to care for it properly as the seeds mature into tall, strong grass, check out the post-seeding tips below.

Fertilizing and liming is a must in the fall months. You have to provide your lawn with the essentially nutrients prior to dormancy. However, doing these things alone won't guarantee a perfect spring green-up. We've listed the top 5 fall lawn care tips to accomplish over the next week or so to help ensure a healthy, green lawn next spring.

When talking turf and it’s diseases, fall is the time for fixing damages brought by the typical summer heat and preparing for the problems of spring.

Aeration and seeding is one of absolute best things you can do for your lawn. Whenever we picture what we want our lawns to look like, we imagine a lush, green, golf course. Most golf courses aerate and seed several times a year to attain this coveted look. There are some important points to be aware of when it comes to completing a successful aeration and seeding though.

Free Lawn Care Guides

Free Lawn Care Guides

Green Lawn Fertilizing has released their "Free Lawn Care Guides" made available to the public. All you have to do is visit their website to download the free lawn care guides. The great thing about these guides are the differences in subjects. Each guide is unique to a specific service, season or "Do-It-Yourself" lawn care topic such as "Comparing Prices: Professional Aeration and Seeding vs. the Big Box Store."