Pennsylvania Smartweed

Pennsylvania Smartweed

Scientific Name: Polygonum pensylvanicum

Common Names: PA Smartweed, Pinkweed, Lady’s Thumb

Family: Polygonaceae

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  • Red Sorrel
  • Wild Buckwheat
  • Curly Dock
  • Common Knotweed
  • Pale Smartweed

What is Pennsylvania Smartweed?

Pennsylvania Smartweed is a broadleaf weed that is related to buckwheat. It grows long, comet like leaves that spiral around the stem, and on the tip grows a very noticeable “flower” that is made up of many very small purple flowers that go down the tip of the stem.

Despite the name, Pennsylvania Smartweed grows in almost every state in the country. The small flowers allow the broadleaf weed to spread quickly when they find areas that they’re able to take over.

How to Prevent Pennsylvania Smartweed

Even for a broadleaf weed, Pennsylvania Smartweed is surprisingly weak. It does not compete well with other plants that challenge it for nutrients, so a thick, lush green lawn that has been aerated and seeded is more likely to choke out the Smartweed and prevent it from growing. Smartweed also prefers moist/damp environments, especially if there is disturbed ground.

Try to avoid overwatering, and make sure you’re picking up pet droppings as smartweed sometimes uses animal feces to grow. If you’re struggling with broadleaf weeds like PA Smartweed and want broadleaf weed removal services, contact Green Lawn Fertilizing today.

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