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Dollar spot fungus causes little brown patches in your lawn. Find out what it is, how it ends up on your lawn, and what you can do to fix it.

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If the shadier areas in your yard seem to have fuzzy spots, you might be dealing with lawn moss. Get rid of this eye-sore with these tips.

Lawn diseases come in a variety of different forms. Educate yourself by reading this rundown of common lawn diseases in our area so you can make an educated diagnosis.

Fairy ring is not as magical as it sounds. This destructive lawn disease is caused by stubborn fungi that can kill your grass. Here’s what you need to know.

Brown patch is a fungal lawn disease that causes temporary discolorations. It can cause permanent damage to a lawn if left untreated. Here's how to identify and treat this destructive disease.

How to Prevent Lawn Disease

How to Prevent Lawn Disease

Lawn disease comes in many forms and can plague your yard, rendering it unattractive and unhealthy. Learn here about how the most common diseases and how Green Lawn Fertilizing can help combat its effects and prevent future outbreaks.

The best defense for all lawn disease is prevention, and this is especially true of any lawn disease that struggles to respond to treatment. Here are some signs of disease that may mean that you need to call a lawn care company immediately.

Prevention is the key to avoiding lawn disease, because prevention is much easier than treatment. However, the earlier you treat, the more likely the lawn disease can be stopped. The following are some ways to know that you may be about to experience lawn disease, and what to do about it.