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Chances are, after the winter snow thaws and you can see your lawn again, it will not be as vibrant as you remember it. There’s no reason to panic. Just as your hands and feet take time to warm up once you are inside after being outside, your lawn may need some time to acclimate to a new season.

As with most young things, young grass needs special care and attention. If you have recently seeded your lawn and want to learn how to care for it properly as the seeds mature into tall, strong grass, check out the post-seeding tips below.

When the snow begins to melt in spring, some homeowners will be due for a nasty surprise—namely, that of snow mold. Snow mold is a fungal lawn disease that strikes in the wintertime and can cause noticeable damage to your lawn come spring. Learn how to recognize snow mold when you see it, the factors it is caused by, and what you can do to prevent it.

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Spring is an important season for your lawn. It's a memorable time when the kids go on their first Easter egg hunt. It’s the time when buds bloom, grass revives itself and trees and shrubs start putting out brand new leaves. We recommend you make the following preparations beforehand to ensure that your lawn has a successful and productive spring.

Green Lawn Fertilizing has released their "Free Lawn Care Guides" made available to the public. All you have to do is visit their website to download the free lawn care guides. The great thing about these guides are the differences in subjects. Each guide is unique to a specific service, season or "Do-It-Yourself" lawn care topic such as "Comparing Prices: Professional Aeration and Seeding vs. the Big Box Store."

A string of warm days triggered early blooms from many plants and shrubs. Forsythia, magnolia, cherry and other late April blooms reached peak in mid-March proving nature has been pushed into fast forward. These abnormally high temperatures have made proper care essential to counter act the unpredictable consequences to this enjoyable change.

When it comes to lawn care, water is an important part of keeping everything green and healthy; everything from the grass, to the trees, to those prized azaleas. Rain barrels offer a great “earth friendly” option to help offset the cost of watering and keep wells equipped for water usage inside of your home.

It's that time a year when everyone is reflecting on their 2013 new year resolutions. Only seventeen days deep, some of you have broken those resolutions - but that's okay because here at Green Lawn Fertilizing we've put together a Mid-Atlantic top 5 Lawn Care Resolution list for you to make up for it!

As we enter Late Spring, your grass needs nutrients and a little extra support to maintain its health as it begins its growth stage. With this application Green Lawn focuses on establishing a healthy root system to help crowd out weeds and strengthen the plant before entering into the hot, dry Summer months.

Killing the right weeds at the beginning can spare you a lot of trouble throughout the entire season.