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Your lawn is the first impression people have of your home, so why not make it a positive one? One secret to a lush, green, healthy lawn is lime. Learn about whether your lawn could benefit from lime and how it can help your grass look its best.

Fertilizing your lawn can be a challenging task. Choosing the proper schedule includes evaluating your yard’s size, grass type, soil type, and drainage. Take the following factors into account as you determine a fertilizing schedule for your lawn.

The grass is always greener, they say. Making your lawn the envy of town is easy with the correct maintenance techniques. Read here about how to get your grass the lush, deep-green color you crave.

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In an increasingly “green” world, more people are seeking alternatives to chemicals when tending to their lawns. Obtaining their nutrients from naturally occurring sources, organic fertilizers provide benefits without harming the environment.

Acidic lawns can be hard to notice without testing. It’s important to examine your soil and make sure that it isn’t too acidic for your lawn to grow properly.

While most people fertilize only their lawn, other plants around the landscape need to be fertilized as well – especially trees and shrubs. It is especially important to fertilize these two types of foliage because they are susceptible to diseases and damage as well, and need the right soil environment to thrive.

If you are like many lawn owners, you may not even know what a soil pH level is, much less what your soil’s pH level means for your lawn’s health. Find out what your soil’s pH level may mean for your lawn as well as how to test it for yourself below.

For the most part, shrubs are highly self-sufficient plants. They are hardy, and need almost no attention apart from the occasional trim. However, autumn is an important time for shrubs, and tending to your shrubs the wrong way during this time of year can wreak havoc with your yard when spring rolls around. The following tips will help you maintain your shrubs’ health during the autumn season.