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Moles and voles are both pets that can wreak havoc on your lawn. Yet despite their similar names, they are actually different animals. The following is some identifying information that can help you tell the difference between moles and voles.

Without mosquito control, the only way to prevent the mosquitoes is to starve your lawn. Mosquitoes need water to breed, so a lawn that is dry doesn't appeal to them. But even then, grass mosquitoes need only a small puddle, and one rain a month may be enough to keep them swarming your property. Bug zappers have little effect on mosquitoes, and the sprays that you can buy in the store only last for about a week, and in that time many of the mosquito eggs will hatch and continue the cycle.

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Many people in the mid-Atlantic think the Stink Bug is only a nuisance of the home during the cooler months. However, the USDA has found alarming information that outlines significant agricultural damage in mid-Atlantic states.

Green Lawn Fertilizing has released their "Free Lawn Care Guides" made available to the public. All you have to do is visit their website to download the free lawn care guides. The great thing about these guides are the differences in subjects. Each guide is unique to a specific service, season or "Do-It-Yourself" lawn care topic such as "Comparing Prices: Professional Aeration and Seeding vs. the Big Box Store."

Planning on taking a trip to the beach this Memorial Day? What about Camping? Even if you are staying home and barbecuing you’ll want to be certain to purchase a good insect repellent.

A string of warm days triggered early blooms from many plants and shrubs. Forsythia, magnolia, cherry and other late April blooms reached peak in mid-March proving nature has been pushed into fast forward. These abnormally high temperatures have made proper care essential to counter act the unpredictable consequences to this enjoyable change.