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Many people in the mid-Atlantic think the Stink Bug is only a nuisance of the home during the cooler months. However, the USDA has found alarming information that outlines significant agricultural damage in mid-Atlantic states.

The map portrays the Mosquito activity on a state-by-state level. In the United States, only three states show zero West Nile virus activity levels: Maine, Virginia and North Carolina.

Turn on the air conditioning and close the windows—It’s Mosquito season! If you haven’t already noticed, mosquitoes are on the prowl and they are ready to land on a fresh, blood meal! Due to the recent weather conditions, mosquitoes are thriving more than ever before. 2013 is proving itself as the year of the Mosquito! It’s time to recognize this year’s mosquito activity as we recently saw the Asian Tiger Mosquito lurking in our region this summer!

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This ugly little creature is Ixodes scapularis, more commonly known as the deer tick. It’s only one of more than 500 species of ticks world-wide with 25 of those species being found in Pennsylvania.