Green Lawn Fertilizing – leaves

For the most part, shrubs are highly self-sufficient plants. They are hardy, and need almost no attention apart from the occasional trim. However, autumn is an important time for shrubs, and tending to your shrubs the wrong way during this time of year can wreak havoc with your yard when spring rolls around. The following tips will help you maintain your shrubs’ health during the autumn season.

If you have ever tried to rake leaves on a windy fall day, you have probably since gained a greater appreciation for those tidy piles of leaves you see in the yards of people who have somehow mastered the art of leaf-raking. Is it genetic? Do they have the power to control the wind? Fortunately for you, raking leaves effectively does not require any special powers or abilities. All they have that you don’t is knowledge of the following basic lawn raking principles that will have you clearing your lawn of leaves in a snap.

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Winter can be tough on lawns. Find out which factors are contributing to the thinning of your lawn during the colder months, and how to address them to keep your lawn thick and lush during the rest of the year.

Mushrooms may be welcome on many people’s plates, but when it comes to lawns, most people want them gone. Most mushrooms aren’t any danger to your lawn (watch out for fairy rings though!) but can prove to be a pesky eyesore. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some poisonous and some non-toxic. If you have curious pets or little ones that play on the lawn, mushrooms can be a major concern. Getting