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Signs of Grubs on Lawn

Signs of Grubs on Lawn

And How You Can Get Rid of Them

Learn to recognize and address grub problems before they have the chance to make your lawn miserable.

Lawn grubs are pests that live in your soil, eat grass roots, and eventually turn your yard brown. The key to combating lawn grubs is in prevention and early detection. Learn more about grubs and avoid the massive turf damage they inflict.

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Trees and shrubs are normally self-sufficient lawn plants that require little to no attention. However, new shrubs and shrubs faced with poor soil conditions may need your help, in the form of tree and shrub fertilization treatments. Find out if your trees and shrubs are ready to be fertilized.

Grubs show up in well kept lawns to feed on turf root systems and once you realize they are there, its too late.

It's that time a year when everyone is reflecting on their 2013 new year resolutions. Only seventeen days deep, some of you have broken those resolutions - but that's okay because here at Green Lawn Fertilizing we've put together a Mid-Atlantic top 5 Lawn Care Resolution list for you to make up for it!

Homes in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey are especially prone to grub infestations. There are several different white grubs that are common to these areas and can do major damage.