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You have decided to enlist the help of a professional lawn care service to assist you with maintaining your lawn, but are unsure of what your next step should be. It’s important that you select the right lawn care company, as you’ll likely be working with them for years to come.

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On July 22, 2013 the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET), the national association of lawn care and landscape professionals, held its 17th Annual Renewal and Rememberance Day at Arlington National Cemetery. On this special and emotional day, Green Lawn Fertilizing was well represented by honoring our country's bravest men and women. Green Lawn Fertilizing has supported its community by donating our time and services for the past nine years.

Turn on the air conditioning and close the windows—It’s Mosquito season! If you haven’t already noticed, mosquitoes are on the prowl and they are ready to land on a fresh, blood meal! Due to the recent weather conditions, mosquitoes are thriving more than ever before. 2013 is proving itself as the year of the Mosquito! It’s time to recognize this year’s mosquito activity as we recently saw the Asian Tiger Mosquito lurking in our region this summer!

This week, Green Lawn Fertilizing announced its recent accreditation by your Better Business Bureau of Washington DC and Eastern PA. As a BBB Accredited Business, Green Lawn Fertilizing is dedicated to promoting trust in the marketplace. Its accreditation will help people understand who the organization is and the core values it believes in. You can visit Green Lawn Fertilizing’s BBB reliability report by visiting or calling (800) 766-5301. You can also view their reliability by visiting Green Lawn Fertilizing’s Testimonial Page, Local People Love Green Lawn Fertilizing.