Green Lawn Fertilizing – dandelions

Weed removal is tricky. If you don’t remove the plant by its roots, it will grow again. Luckily, there are some tricks for weed prevention and removal using do-it-yourself techniques. Learn here about common weeds and how to prevent or safely kill them.

Looking for a natural alternative to chemical weed killers? There are a number of non-toxic remedies you can concoct with everyday household items. Read here to learn about how to safely zap these problematic plants.How to Make Weed Killer

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Even the most uniform green lawn will be disrupted at least a few times a year by those fluffy yellow invaders known as dandelions. They float in on the breeze, catch on a passing strand of grass, and instantly your lawn has been contaminated—perhaps for years to come. If you are tired of pulling up dandelions and getting that pungent dandelion scent all over your fingers, you can start exterminating them now using the weed control tips below.

When it comes to fighting weeds, knowledge is power. There are thousands of different types of weeds out there; all with their own unique attributes. When they’re in your lawn though, most people only care about how they can be killed.

If you have a lawn that you try to maintain, weeds are probably at the top of your list of things to worry about. They rob your soil of nutrients, choke out the grass that you actually want, and can turn a beautiful turf into an ugly, spotty mess. They’ll jump at every opportunity to take hold in your soil making your dream lawn into a nightmare.

As we enter Late Spring, your grass needs nutrients and a little extra support to maintain its health as it begins its growth stage. With this application Green Lawn focuses on establishing a healthy root system to help crowd out weeds and strengthen the plant before entering into the hot, dry Summer months.