Green Lawn Fertilizing – cinch bugs

Chinch bugs are a type of lawn pest that can become quite a problem in the Pennsylvania area. Chinch bugs love to dine on grasses, especially grasses that get a lot of hot and dry weather. That means summertime is primetime for them to do their damage.

These invasive surface feeding insects will suck your grass blades dry. If not cared for in a professional manner, your grass blades will be injected with a poison that slowly kills them. They can and will kill patches or your entire lawn if not treated for. But, you can get even with professional surface feeding insect control today!

Chinch bugs. These pesky bugs show up in herds to dry up your lawn, killing patches or your whole lawn.

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As Spring begins to come to a close and Summer sets in, it is important to remember that your lawn’s needs increase along with the temperatures.