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Lawn disease comes in many forms and can plague your yard, rendering it unattractive and unhealthy. Learn here about how the most common diseases and how Green Lawn Fertilizing can help combat its effects and prevent future outbreaks.

The best defense for all lawn disease is prevention, and this is especially true of any lawn disease that struggles to respond to treatment. Here are some signs of disease that may mean that you need to call a lawn care company immediately.

Lawn diseases are caused by two things: contact with a disease (fungus), and weak lawns. Learn about the most common lawn diseases and the lawn care problems that contribute to them.

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These invasive surface feeding insects will suck your grass blades dry. If not cared for in a professional manner, your grass blades will be injected with a poison that slowly kills them. They can and will kill patches or your entire lawn if not treated for. But, you can get even with professional surface feeding insect control today!

At this time of the year as we are starting to move into the warmer weather of the spring, lawns and certain plant varieties are beginning to green up and come out of dormancy. This is the time when homeowners are noticing brown patches or discolored sections of their lawn. This week’s topic is Nimblewill (Muhlenbergia schreberi). This plant goes dormant in the early fall and does not come out of dormancy, or “green up”, until the late spring. When dormant, the plant has a brown/dead appearance which can be a concern to an untrained eye.

When talking turf and it’s diseases, fall is the time for fixing damages brought by the typical summer heat and preparing for the problems of spring.

Sod webworms are a lawn pest that feed on all types of grass leaving brown spots (and headaches for homeowners) in their wake. They infest turf grasses all over the United States so no matter which state you’re in, these little guys should be something to look out for.