Green Lawn Fertilizing – Tree & Shrub

For the most part, shrubs are highly self-sufficient plants. They are hardy, and need almost no attention apart from the occasional trim. However, autumn is an important time for shrubs, and tending to your shrubs the wrong way during this time of year can wreak havoc with your yard when spring rolls around. The following tips will help you maintain your shrubs’ health during the autumn season.

Trees and shrubs are normally self-sufficient lawn plants that require little to no attention. However, new shrubs and shrubs faced with poor soil conditions may need your help, in the form of tree and shrub fertilization treatments. Find out if your trees and shrubs are ready to be fertilized.

Winter can be a harsh time for plants, namely, your trees. Find out how to help your trees last through the winter and come back strong in the spring using the these tips.

It's that time of the year. Company holiday parties, ugly sweater parties and holiday decorations! It's also time to act on buying your live Christmas tree. Some "do it yourselfers" like to take it to the next level and buy a Christmas tree, one with its roots all wrapped up in burlap so they can plant it outdoors after the holidays... If this sounds like you or are interested in replanting your holiday tree we've got a great guide!