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Is My Tree Dead Or Dormant?

Is My Tree Dead Or Dormant?

How to Spot the Difference

Learn the signs your tree is dead or dormant to help you decide what your next steps should be to care for it.

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Trees are an important part of any landscape. Tree health is often overlooked, though, so protect these leafy investments with regular maintenance. How can you tell healthy trees from unhealthy ones? Here are the signs.

Celebrate Arbor Day by planting and properly caring for trees. Mulching, watering, feeding, pruning, and winterizing are ways we can help the trees in our yard grow tall and strong while staying healthy.

In order to ensure that you are wisely investing in the right fertilizer, it is important to understand what types of fertilizer are available.

While most people fertilize only their lawn, other plants around the landscape need to be fertilized as well – especially trees and shrubs. It is especially important to fertilize these two types of foliage because they are susceptible to diseases and damage as well, and need the right soil environment to thrive.

The first step in learning how to keep your tree healthy all year is to identify what type of tree or trees you have. Understanding what type of tree you have allows you to take the necessary steps to ensure a long life for your tree.

Winter can be a harsh time for plants, even for the plants in your yard that seem the toughest—namely, your trees. Find out how to help your trees last through the winter and come back strong in the spring using the following tips.