2021 Lawn Fertilizing Schedule

Mark Your Calendar for Success


It’s a new year and a new you. But what about your lawn? While your thinking about your health, consider the health of your yard, too. To help you out, we created a season-by-season lawn fertilizing schedule for you to follow so you can have the healthiest lawn yet.

Your 2021 Lawn Fertilizing Schedule


During the coldest months, you have a break from fertilizing. Take this time to clean up the yard and check your tools.


April: Springtime is go-time when it comes to fertilizing. Wait until the soil warms up to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. You don’t have to grab a thermometer—you’ll notice lilacs are blossoming and grass is just starting to grow. It’s usually mid-April when you apply your first round of fertilizer.

May: Instead of fertilizing every four weeks with a traditional fertilizer, you can stretch the break from six to eight weeks by using a slow-release formula. So, your second application is somewhere between mid-May and late-May.


June/July: Add six to eight weeks after your previous fertilizer application in May, and it’s time for your lawn’s next feeding. We recommend using an organic fertilizer, like manure, for your third application.

August: If you last fertilized in June or if you’re using a traditional fertilizer, apply again in August.


Your grass is still growing as the weather starts to cool, and fertilizer is essential as it prepares for winter. Continue to fertilize on your four- or six-week schedule through at least the end of September (October if it’s unseasonably warm). Don’t forget these important last applications!

Forget the Lawn Fertilizing Schedule and Leave It to the Pros

You already have enough things on your calendar for the year. Let us take the yard work off your list. We know the perfect time to fertilize so your lawn can be the healthiest ever this year. Learn more about our Green Lawn Program today.