Solutions for Sun-Scorched Grass

It’s the time of year when the summer’s heat is really starting to show on your lawn. Sun-scorched spots are a common issue that pops up by August, and they can be unsightly as you’re trying to make the most of the warm weather while it’s here. Here are some things you can do to help:

Give it time: Time is the easiest remedy for sun-scorched grass. While you might not like the appearance, your lawn will go back to its healthy state in the near future (as long as you continue to tend to it, of course).

Add nitrogen and fertilizer: Give your grass spot a healthy boost of nutrients with a nitrogen and fertilizer combination. Follow the directions provided by the supplier.

Water the right way: Long, less frequent watering is more effective than daily watering that leaves water droplets on grass blades that then reflects the sun, burning your grass. Once or twice a week, depending on rain levels, water your grass for a significant amount of time that allows water to seep into the soil to the roots.

Do You have Sun-Scorched Grass or Other Lawn Woes?

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